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 I was born in Madisonville, Tn but Raised in Cleveland Tn. At the age of 3 I knew God had placed a calling on my life to sing for him. I was called to churches throughout East Tennessee and North Georgia to sing, But I had a big influence to do so by watching Kirk Talley. Being a soloist myself as I was watching him it helped me to form most of the way I do things now. Being a Kirk fan you can't leave out my favorite quartet the Cathedrals. That led to Listening to Gold City, the Kingsmen and so many More! When I was ten I got saved and started really becoming serious about my calling 3 years later a dream came true I joined my first Quartet! It was so much fun traveling for a year but with school I had to step down. Well, school couldn't hold me back from singing so I joined A group from Cleveland, Tn. 2x2 Quartet.I soon went to College at TWU in Athens, Tn and I also helped form a new group, Appointed Qt. Soon after that I saw Greg Witt at a concert where Emmaus Road and The group I was with were singing at and he told me one day maybe I could play piano for ERQ. Well after many prayers and 2 years I asked Greg if they still were wanting a piano player, he said yes. I started traveling with ERQ in May of 2014, and a little over 7 months after I joined, I also began singing Baritone soon after. I was with the Emmaus Road Quartet Full time for nearly 9 years. I still do select dates with the Emmaus Road Quartet after the groups retirement from full time ministry. I'm all about following the spirit of God and I would love to come and be part of your service and worship our savior together.

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